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Awards & Achievements

Future Plans

Auto Hangar has organically grown from a basic service organisation to a vehicle retail outlet providing sales and service on two of the finest brands in the automotive industry worldwide. Auto Hangar has been able to capitalize on its service background and reputation in an industry otherwise traditionally plagued with a poor service culture.


Auto Hangar realizes the following to be its key challenges and focus areas in the years to come:

  • Growth into non-urban areas for sales and service of existing franchises
  • Target to retain and nurture 100% manpower through training, competitive target setting, rewards and other incentives
  • Profitability through focused cash flow management, stock management and reduced borrowings


Past Performance:
  • Winner of The Platinum Award for the year 2008-09 which is a summation of our overall performance in Sales, Service, CSI and SSI, Pre-Owned Cars and Financial Planning
  • Best Overall Performing Dealership
  • Best Performance in Financial Planning & Discipline for the year 2008
  • Best All-India Market Share of 55% for 2008
  • Awarded The Best Performance in pre-owned cars